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Newsletter: PremiumPoints 2Q-2021

Posted: July 16, 2021 | by: Thomas F. McKeon, CFA

Millennial CryptoCurrency FanBoy Insults, Inflation and Lumber, Birthdays and Teacher Pensions and more.

In This Issue:

Review and Outlook 2Q-2021

Equities continued their rally in 2Q as investors looked towards the end of the pandemic hardships and pent-up consumer demand was unleashed into the economy. This despite the specter of inflation as increased demand and product scarcity combined to push some prices higher. Scarcity was a result of business scaling back production early in the pandemic anticipating a slack economy, that largely did not materialize.


Birthdays & Teacher Pensions

Our application to be a Registered Investment Advisor was approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities on June 30, 2010. That makes us eleven years old as of June 30 2021. Our mission remains the same: to help private and institutional investors meet their own unique objectives with greater certainty and less risk…at low cost. All the evidence shows that the last part of that mission—at low cost—is a major contributing factor to the first two parts—meeting objectives with greater certainty and less risk.


Inflation & Lumber

The U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) figure for May on July 13, 2021 (two-month lag) and it was 5.4% annualized over the trailing 12 months. Many pundits appear to be alarmed at this figure. The markets reacted not at all.


Millennial RobinHood CryptoCurrency FanBoi Insults

If you want to have your intelligence insulted by a millennial cryptocurrency fan boi…just go onto to any social media platform and make some disparaging remarks about cryptocurrencies in general…and wait no more than 5 minutes.


Clothier Springs Capital Partners Update

Our auditor (EisnerAmper) finally completed and issued our audit on 6-30-2021 with a clean opinion. We have posted the audit to our CSCP Members-Only website for your to review. The audit is very thorough and the upshot is that they advised us to mark up the value of several of our investments owing to improved operational results. This resulted in a healthy increase in our net asset value for June 2021, which posted a 3.4% monthly gain—our largest monthly gain to date.

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