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Investment Advisory & Wealth

The services that comprise a robust, holistic investment program for private clients and small institutions include:

  • Investment Policy Formation
  • Asset & Liability Study
  • Goals, Objectives and Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Expected Return Modeling
  • Asset Class Recommendation
  • Global Asset Allocation Recommendation
  • Implementation of Recommendations
  • Security Selection
  • Trade Order Execution
  • Discretionary (non-Discretionary) Portfolio Management
  • Continual Portfolio Monitoring
  • Periodic Portfolio Rebalancing to Policy
  • Detailed Quarterly Portfolio Reporting
  • Current Period and Historic Performance vs Objectives
  • Comprehensive & Clear Client Communications
  • Client Behavior Counseling
  • Tax Management
  • Cash Management
structurALPHA Hedged Strategies:

We have extensive experience in the construction of simple, rules-based hedged strategies that provide a superior return-risk tradeoff and when included in a diversified portfolio add additional sources of return, diversification and risk management.

During the course of our time in the investment advisory business we have served private clients with account balances large enough to resemble an institutional portfolio and small institutions with account balances modest enough to resemble a high net worth individual.

The Upshot:

Our portfolios allow us to serve all investors equally well with globally allocated, broadly diversified, ultra-low cost portfolios that maximize their desired outcome while maintaining the required risk profile.

Private Clients

Private individual investors tend to have a range of investment objectives that ultimately distill down to this basic mandate: to accumulate financial assets and have the value grow and the purchasing power of those assets outpace inflation over time.

Advances in technology, tools, best practices and service models now give advisors like Clothier Springs Capital Management and investors the ability to build globally allocated, multi-asset class, optimally efficient portfolios, at very low cost.

The Benefit Payoff:

Our private clients have never had a better opportunity to meet their own unique objectives within their risk budgets, at low cost, working with an investment advisor like CSCM that embraces this structural, evidence-based approach. And low cost = better net returns.

Small Institutions

Small institutions generally have specific mandates their assets exist to serve, but often without the resources and scale of larger institutions.

The same trends driving more efficient portfolios and better outcomes for private clients benefit small institutions equally well: expanding allocations, increasing diversification, mitigating risk and lowering costs. This in turn drives better net returns.

Our multi-asset portfolios—packaged as an Outsourced CIO program—provides small institutions with a solution that offers better outcomes through global asset allocation, broad diversification, low costs and the opportunity to significantly simplify your investment program.

The Benefit Payoff:

The tools, techniques and access to market exposures exist to allow us to provide even very small institutions with a multi-asset class portfolio once available only to the largest institutional investors. Could your institution benefit from this robust, low-cost program?

Find out how--->Coming soon!

Private Real Estate

Investing in the private capital markets offers individual and institutional investors the opportunity to earn the superior structural returns that result from accepting the illiquidity risk of private investments.

Private investments (equity & debt) secured by real estate offer investors the opportunity to earn superior returns with the security of a tangible asset (with a tangible value) backing the investment.

Our partnership has made investments both regionally and nationally in the following types of projects:

  • Multi-family apartment rehab
  • Multi-family apartment development
  • Triple net lease
  • Master Lease
  • Mixed-Use (commercial & multi-family) develop
  • Mixed-Use (medical & multi-family) rehab
  • Direct investment (joint venture) multi-family build
  • Hard money construction lending

We limit our investments in the private markets to equity and debt secured by real estate—primarily residential—because we believe there will always be an organic demand for housing—especially affordable housing—and as a tangible asset, real estate always has instinsic value.

Clothier Springs Capital Partners

We formed Clothier Springs Capital Partners in 2017 to give our partner-clients the opportunity to participate in the superior returns of real estate-backed private investments in a diversified vehicle.

The commingled partnership vehicle provides broad diversification: by geography, by deal sponsor and by project type. Our low minimum ($25,000) allows investors with modest account balances to benefit from these returns and this diversification.

Targeting annual total returns in the mid to high teens, adding an allocation to the CSCP brings another layer of diversification and risk management to a well-allocated portfolio. Sources of returns include: realized gains, unrealized gains, preferred dividends, interest income, rental income, loan origination fees.

Our partnership is organized as a Limited Liability Corporation and investor/members are limited partners. It is a pure pass through entity, with all economic benefit from our investments accruing to the partnership, and all expenses (audit, custody) charged to the partnership. We charge a modest flat management fee with no incentive fee.

The Benefit Payoff:

Superior returns from providing equity and debt capital to real estate developers and syndicators in the private capital markets: check. Added allocation diversification from a new, uncorrelated asset class: check. Price stability and resulting low volatility from a non-publicly traded investment vehicle: check. Broad multi-level diversification within the partnership: check. Tax benefit from real estate depreciation: check. Valuation verification from annual audit: check.

For accredited investors only. This offering is made in reliance on an exemption from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission provided by Section 4(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1933, as amended (The “Act”), and Rule 506 of Regulation D promulgated thereunder. Membership units in Clothier Springs Capital Partners are offered only to certain qualified clients of Clothier Springs Capital Management who are accredited investors, as that term is defined in Rule 506 of Reg. D.