About Clothier Springs


Our slogan—Timeless Truths. New Perspectives. Endless Evolution.—speaks to our values and mission—to help our clients meet their own unique investment objectives with greater certainty and reduced risk at low cost with evidence-based advice and portfolios.

We are mindful of abiding investment realities, always seeking to use new tools and techniques to improve client outcomes, reduce costs, and to endlessly evolve with ever-advancing investment theory, best practices and technological developments. Ethics, integrity, honesty and professional competence are paramount.


We believe that capturing market returns as efficiently as possible is the essence of optimized fiduciary investing. Any departure from that simple premise is a step towards greater costs, greater risk and greater outcome uncertainty. We believe that investment advice, counsel and management is a true profession. We adhere to the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code of Conduct.

In Practice

Prudent, optimized investing reduces to this simple proposition:

Assembling the right mix of market exposures—exposures that can enhance returns, mitigate risk or both, with well understood historic return and risk profiles—in the right proportions and the appropriate liquidity for your particular return and risk profile, and accessing them through the appropriate accounts, vehicles or products as cost effectively as possible. While complexity, activity and costs are the enemy of a good outcome, successful investing is neither simple, easy, purely static, free or without some risk.

Our advice, portfolios and strategies are built upon the bedrock of observable, empirical evidence, supported by academic research and implemented with the self-evident advantage of low-costs. We implement our investment advice with ultra low-cost market exposures—primarily Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

At Clothier Springs Capital Management, we hew to investing’s timeless truths while constantly seeking to expand our own thinking and to remain current with ever-evolving investment theory and best practices.

Our Team

Thomas F. McKeon, CFA®

Principal and Chief Investment Officer
Clothier Springs Capital Management

Managing Member
Clothier Springs Capital Partners

Tom is founder, principal and Chief Investment Officer at Clothier Springs Capital Management (CSCM) and Managing Member at Clothier Springs Capital Partners LLC. He advises clients, manages multi-asset class portfolios, builds discrete strategy portfolios, executes trades, and communicates with clients. In addition, Tom wears the info tech, database administration, marketing, web development and compliance hats as well.

He began his career as a registered investment advisor in 1993 after almost twelve years as an equity and foreign currency options market maker at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX). Tom formed Clothier Springs Capital Management in 2010 after sixteen years with an independent investment advisory firm he co-founded in 1994 that was sold to a regional trust company. Tom has been a CFA Charterholder since 1995 and a member of the CFA Institute (National & Philadelphia Chapter) since 1991.

Tom formed Clothier Springs Capital Partners in late 2017 to make direct investments in real estate equity and debt in the private capital markets on behalf of member/partners.

Outside of work Tom enjoys woodwork, photography, reading, traveling, home improvement projects, spending time with his family and (still) trying to get better at playing guitar, bass, piano and golf. LaSalle University Class of 19781/2

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Carla D. McKeon

Office Manager

Carla brings considerable organizational and administrative skills to her part-time role as office manager at Clothier Springs Capital Management. Duties include compliance, scheduling, client reporting, website maintenance and graphic design.

As office manager at CSCM Carla splits her time between CSCM and her administrative duties at the Westside Wellness Center in Devon, PA where she handles scheduling, billing and Russian Stim.

Outside of work Carla is an avid tennis and platform tennis player.

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Sean D. McKeon

Real Estate Operations

After attending college on an athletic scholarship for basketball, Sean played in Europe and South America before coming home.

A licensed Realtor and agent with Vanguard Realty Alliance, Sean’s focus for us is now primarily with the real estate operations of Clothier Springs Capital Partners. He assists with sourcing and vetting potential real estate deals for the partnership. Sean is also a partner in a real estate development concern he co-founded—White Fence Partners LLC—and a real estate wholesaling concern—Diamond Rock Real Estate Solutions LLC, both unrelated to Clothier Springs.

Sean is also responsible for maintaining the technology infrastructure at Clothier Springs Capital Management as well as directing our social media and communications effort. He also assists on the trading desk.

Sean enjoys numerous activities including basketball, golf and the performing arts. He plays electric guitar, bass and acoustic guitar in several bands in his spare time and is also a founding member of the Barn Jam House Band.

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