What Are You Investing For?
For growth? For income? For preservation? To leave a legacy? To change the world?
We help private and institutional investors achieve their desired outcomes with greater certainty and less risk at low cost.  How can we help you?

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What Makes Us Superior.
A committment to low-cost and better net returns for clients. Data-driven Evidence-Based Investing. Globally allocated, broadly diversified portfolios. Innovative, rules-based hedged strategies. Direct (vs. outsourced) construction, management and supervision of client portfolios. A proprietary partnership for private market investment. Communication candor and clarity. Mindful of timeless truths, open to new perspectives and best practices. Compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code.

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Structure IS the Strategy

Asset allocation, investment policy, rules-based strategies, diversification. Structure IS how risk is managed, returns are captured, costs are limited and client outcomes maximized.

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The structurALPHA® Strategies

Combining the low-cost and market capture advantages of passive investing with the superior return and risk profiles of a structural, rules-based hedge.

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Low-Cost, Liquid, Transparent, Rules-based & Hedged

= Better Outcomes

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About Clothier Springs Capital Management

Founded in 2010, Clothier Springs Capital Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor managing wealth, portfolios and discrete strategies for private and institutional asset owners.

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CSCM News:

  • Clothier Springs Capital Partners commences investment operations: 2/15/2018.
  • Clothier Springs Capital Partners is Open for Investment
  • Clothier Springs Capital Partners Investor Presentation Now Available
  • CSCM Forms Clothier Springs Capital Partners LLC for Direct Real Estate Investment
  • Clothier Springs Capital Management approved as a sub-advisor at TD Ameritrade


Whatever wealth means to you and whatever your unique investment goals and objectives, your chances for a good outcome will be improved by adhering to the timeless truths of investing: get the asset allocation right for your own objectives and risk tolerances, diversify broadly, focus on the long-term and most important, minimize costs.

Your investment program should be as dynamic as your life. Helping you define objectives, quantify risk tolerance, create investment policy, manage cash flows and taxes and then implementing, monitoring and adjusting the investment program as your situation evolves, to achieve your desired outcome, is our primary mission.


Financial innovation and evolving investment practices are a powerful combination. With the ascendancy of index-based market exposures, almost any global market exposure can now be accessed cost-effectively. And any exposure that can enhance returns or manage risk (or both) can be included in even modest portfolios. This expands the opportunity set and enhances diversification.

Factor-based indexing and options-based hedging both offer the potential to make portfolios more effective and efficient. These new perspectives and practices combine with investing’s timeless truths to give investors a greater opportunity to achieve their desired outcome(s).

structurALPHA® Strategies

structurALPHA® is our suite of innovative, rules-based strategies that combine the well-known low-cost and market capture advantages of passive investing with the superior return and risk profiles of a structural, rules-based hedge. Implemented with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and exchange-listed options, the strategies are very low-cost, fully transparent and completely liquid.

The superior ALPHA (risk-adjusted return) they deliver is a function of structure and protocol, not the unreliable pursuits of active management and trading. The service mark structurALPHA® combines the two words: structural and ALPHA. structurALPHA®: an innovation in the pursuit of better investment outcomes.

"Investing is ultimately about getting money into the markets, into the appropriate market exposures, in the appropriate weights for the expected time horizons and the determined risk tolerance. While complexity and costs are the enemy of a good outcome, successful investing is neither simple, easy or static."

Timeless Truths. New Perspectives.

Of Dot-Com's, Internet Bubble and Pseudo-Currencies

When enthusiasm outweighs reason, there will ultimately be excruciating anxiety, pain and permanent loss of capital. 

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Why is a Bitcoin worth more today than yesterday, last month or last year? An eager supply of Greater Fools will not last forever.

The Pain in Active Management Land Must Be Unbearable…

...because active managers are pushing back with obfuscation, disinformation and half-truths.

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