PremiumPoints 1Q-2017

Posted by: Tom McKeon on April 21, 2017

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In this Issue of PremiumPoints | Review and Outlook 1Q-2017, New Reporting Platform, CFA Wealth Initiative, Vanguard ETFs: Game, Set and Match, Option Update: Getting Paid to Wake Up

Costs and complexity are the enemy of efficient and successful investing. Reducing the cost of investing is the single most reliable way to increase your net returns. Low-cost, straight forward investing is one of our core propositions. Even our hedged strategies follow painfully simple, rules-based protocols.


Complexity on the other hand is what many portfolio managers, advisors and hedge funds hide behind to justify higher fees and costs. But as mountains of industry-wide return data bear out, the higher costs of complexity do not result in higher returns...just the opposite.


The great disruption underway as billions of investors and their dollars acknowledge this Timeless Truth and shift their investments to passive low-cost vehicles (ETFs and funds) and vendors (Vanguard, Blackrock, DFA) is far from over.  With our ETF exclusive approach to portfolio management, you have given yourself the best chance to maximize your net returns. We will keep you posted.


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