Review and Outlook 2017

Posted by: Tom McKeon on January 25, 2017

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In this edition of PremiumPoints: Looking ahead to 2017, ETFs lap the field and Managing Portfolios in the Post-Truth World.

Review and Outlook 2017

US Stocks had a banner year after a tepid first quarter, with the MSCI US Broad Market index gaining 12.67% for the year. US Small caps gained more than 20%.That contrasts with the MSCI Developed Markets Index posting a paltry 1.51% return for the year. US equity markets rallied after the election, yet they were the only asset class at the party.

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ETFs Gain Market Share reports that Exchange Traded Funds & Products (ETFs/ETPs) gathered record inflows of $389 billion US in 2016, and assets reached a new high of $3.546 trillion US. The exhibit below from Wealth Management magazine with Morningstar data show just how powerful this secular trend is. Vanguard is the clear leader.


ETF Flows 2016


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Managing Portfolios in the Post-Truth World

Much has been made of the fake news phenomenon in the aftermath of the Presidential election. Once upon a time, only newspaper titans like William Randolph Hearst could pervert the truth with the megaphone of his publishing empire. Not any more.

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