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PremiumPoints 2Q-2018 Issue: "Structure IS the Strategy"

Posted by: Tom McKeon | July 19, 2018

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In This Issue: Review & Outlook 2Q-2018, Volatility Update, Portfolio Activity, Clothier Springs Capital Partners, What Business Are We In?, Our Quarterly Harangue: "Structure IS the Strategy" and Clothier Springs Capital Management Has a Birthday

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We’re in the Client Outcome Business, Not the Investment Performance Business

Posted by: Tom McKeon | May 23, 2018

Asking an advisor about performance is the wrong question. Your outcome will be far more dependent on his fees and business model.


10 + 1 Things to Degrade Your Investment Outcome

Posted by: Tom McKeon | April 27, 2018

If you want to keep a lid on your chances to meet your investment objectives, pursue one or more of the activities listed below, and you will likely suffer lower returns, accept too much risk and pay too much for the privilege.


PremiumPoints 1Q-2018 Issue

Posted by: Tom McKeon | April 19, 2018

In this issue: 1Q-2018 Review & Outlook, OH...That Volatility, Portfolio Activity, Update on Clothier Springs Capital Partners, The Index Revolution Continues--Not Your Father's Portfolio, Alpha, Schmalpha


Alpha, Schmalpha and the Persistence of Sub-Optimal Business Models and Investment Advisory Offerings

Posted by: Tom McKeon | March 19, 2018

Low-Cost ETFs continue to expose discredited investment strategies and legacy business models.


Your investment outcome is largely a function of your advisors' business and service model, not his investing acumen.


PremiumPoints 4Q-2017 Issue

Posted by: CSCM Staff | January 23, 2018

In this issue of our periodic newsletter PremiumPoints: 2017 Review & Outlook, What Volatility?, Account Security & LogIns, CSCM Major Projects in 2017, What Is a Bitcoin Worth? and ETF Update.


Of Dot-Com's, Internet Bubble and Pseudo-Currencies

Posted by: Tom McKeon | December 7, 2017

When enthusiasm outweighs reason, there will ultimately be excruciating anxiety, pain and permanent loss of capital. 


Cryptocurrencies, Intrinsic Value and Greater Fools

Posted by: Tom McKeon | November 1, 2017

Why is a Bitcoin worth more today than yesterday, last month or last year? An eager supply of Greater Fools will not last forever.


The Pain in Active Management Land Must Be Unbearable…

Posted by: Tom McKeon | October 9, 2017

...because active managers are pushing back with obfuscation, disinformation and half-truths.


PremiumPoints 2Q-2017 Issue

Posted by: CSCM Staff | August 17, 2017

In this Issue: Review & Outlook 2Q-2017, Clothier Springs Turns Seven, New Website Launch, CFA Badge and an excerpt from "One Boy's Journey."


Asset Allocation vs. Stockpicking: No Contest

Posted by: Tom McKeon | July 14, 2017

With apologies to Jack Bogle, if ever there was a period that proved the benefit of a global asset allocation, the first half of 2017 was that period.


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